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Today I have heard that the John Stevenson Gallery in NYC will be closing due to an enormous rent hike that apparently is unsustainable. If that is true, and I wouldn't be reporting this if the sources were not reliable, it is a sad, sad day for lovers of alt process, and traditional photography who had, in John Stevenson, a knowledgeable and excellent representative. My wife and I visited the gallery almost every time we got into the city, and Mr. Stevenson was always cordial and welcoming. We got to see the work of wonderful photographers including most recently, Imogen Cunningham, Kuichiro Kurita, Cy DeCosse, and many others in generously spacious presentations. The gallery was probably the most elegant venue in which I've ever seen photographs. It will be sorely missed indeed!

It is rumored that the gallery may eventually open in New Mexico. Should that happen, you guys out there are really, really lucky! I hope it comes to pass and remains the premier gallery for alternative process and traditional photography that it has always been.
John has closed the gallery and will operate as a private dealer from Mexico. You will, however, still be able to view the collection in NYC but only by appointment and at a different address. Will Story, his assistant curator, will be handling everything there. A sad, but understandable situation.