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A Summarit used to indicate, back in Leica screw mount days (pre 1954) a fast lens of about f1.5. Seems like they bastardized the classic meaning by calling f2.5 lenses Summarits instead of Elmarits.

Probably going to be very sharp with better mechanical quality than similar Cosina lenses, but way more expensive than used fast lenses.

Good to have choices.

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Edit: sorry I didn't see lens hackers response about Summarits before I posted
What will be interesting is NOT the comparison of these new Summarits to Cosina lenses. It's how they stack up against the CZ's ZM lenses at the same price point?

Given that many who own a Leica camera body will want a Leitz lens no matter the quality - this may well be a very telling blow against CZ's "incursion" onto Leica's 'turf'.

What's really amusing is to read all the folk here now praise these new Summarits (yet to be released, BTW) without knowing about how they test for quality.

Perhaps a classic example of "Leica glow"?

BTW: as a marketing strategy, this kind of reminds me of how Nikon cheapened the Nikkor label by creating a separate "consumer class" of lenses with the resulting market confusion!