Having posted three photos in the gallery, I think it's time I actually did some thread text posting .

#1) Polaroid 55PN, F/11 - 1 second, red filter

One of our summer enjoyments is gardening. My sweetheart likes to have lots of flowers around, so I do the garden bed prep and she fills them. When we bought our house 21 years ago we were financially challenged, so when my Dad asked if we'd like an old garden shed to keep yard tools in we accepted. The shed is now 37 years old, and showing its age, so we hide it with flowers. The Cattails, Hostas and rocks to the right of the shed hide a 100L cattle watering trough that we've dug into the ground. Each spring we put a couple of dozen "feeder" goldfish in the pond. By winter they've usually become sushi for the local raccoons, but we get to see them for most of the summer.

This old Polaroid 55pn is showing its age too. This photo should have been shot at 1/10'th second at F/11, but the film has slowed so much that I shot this at 1 second and the detail is still muddy. The film is three years old and not well stored.

#2) Polaroid 79 Colour Print, F/16 - 1/100'th second

While my sweetheart likes to plant flowers in the summer, I'm afraid that my gardening ambitions are a little more greedy . I love tomatoes ... I love to plant 'em, I love to grow 'em, I love the smell of green tomato plants and I especially love to eat 'em! The beds we grow our garden in are 4'x8' beds 16" tall. We mange to grow Termaters (that's like Mater but with the "Ter"), beans, beets, carrots, 'taters and garlic. This year the black squirrels have decided that they like beets and potatoes, so they've harvested all my beets and any 'taters that were close to the surface - 'lil divils!!

This was my first experiment with colour. I enjoyed Barbara Ann and Waynes photos so much that I went out and bought a pack of Polaroid 79 and ran a couple thru' the old Calumet 4x5. The pictures are a bit green I thought, but maybe that's just because there's so much green in the scene.

#3) Polaroid 79 Colour Print, F/16 - 1/100'th second

So, if you read this far, you'll know that I have a "thing" for Termaters . Here's a closeup of a fruit that I am going to savour in a few weeks, maybe between toast with some bacon, maybe on a hamburger, or maybe just chunked up on salad with some lemon chicken just off the BBQ - anyway I do it I'm sure it'll be a tasty treat

So far I'm enjoying this Polaroid 79 colour print film. I guess it's a bit of a lazy mans way of taking photos. There's no developing, no printing, but hey... it's summer right? and we're supposed to be recreating right? and it's still analog right? ... besides, there's 20 frames in a box, so I've got seventeen more to go

cheers all