A little background: I too just got my new Analyizer Pro just 2dys ago, and just set up this darkroom last week upgrading from a B22 to D5 with dichrohead in my new home after a 3yr hiatus. So this darkroom and enlarger are both entirely new to me. I had to use an outdoor 8x10 shed that's supplied by extension cords. And I'm having fluctuating light output *at times*. Just every now and then when all of a sudden the light output increases ruining the final print as you'd expect. I only have the dichro head, and the power supply, not the voltage stabilizer. I'm thinking this is the problem,but I read, on photo.net that someone with similar problems disappeared w. the addition of real outlets. So maybe my problem is the whole darkroom is fed by an ext. cord, to another extension cord and strips for multiple outlets?? I need to decide what to do. B&H has used Omega volt stabilizers for used $175! Yowsa! But no way can I add a real outlet out there easily. So I'd hope it's not that.

Anyway, anyone with any ideas what maybe the culprit?? I also read, but can't confirm, that Uninterupted Power Supply units, like sold at Office Depot does the same thing for less $. Seems fishy though.

Thanks alot!