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Also, since I'm pregnant, I'm more worried about
exposure. Any advice would be appreciated.
Mr. Gainer should have chimed in. He is a proponent of
the least toxic combinations of developer chemistries for
both film and paper.

Three chemicals are needed; phenidone, ascorbic acid,
and borax. Ascorbic acid is commonly known as vitamine
C. Phenidone is so little toxic that it need not be
mentioned in MSDS sheets.

To be most sure of non-toxic only solutions I suggest
compounding your developers at home from the above
three chemicals plus, for paper developer, a little
potassium bromide.

For fixer I suggest sodium thiosulfate alone. Sodium
thiosulfate is used as a de-chlorinate for swimming
pools. As a preventative of sulfite caused sulfur
dioxide fuming, do not use it as a preservative
but stir up small but workable volumes and
replace as needed.

Add a water stop, film and paper, and you've an
odorless, fumeless, least toxic darkroom. Dan