I had a similar experience, but mine turned out oddly well! The picture I posted in the Critiques Gallery of the Twin Silos was taken at a farm close to where I live. I stopped down there one day and talked to a woman probably in her early 60s. I told her I took photos as a hobby and developed them in my own darkroom. She was VERY concerned that I was going to sell the pictures I took or that I was working for a realtor. I promised her this was not the case and said I would bring her prints of what I took pictures of. She begrudgingly let me take the pictures. She was NOT happy, and it was touch & go as to whether I was going to get to take those pictures.
Well, I went down there last night & took them an 8x10 of the silos & 2 5x7s of some other shots I got. You would have thought I was a long lost friend! They collect & restore old cars (Kaiser-Frazer???... always wondered what was in that barn) and they asked if I'd want to come & take pictures of the cars sometime. They also told me I could come back & take pictures any time I wanted to...now, I am like family!
So, Scooter, take the old lady a nice glossy print. See if that works.