Several tears ago, I made a photograph of a scene (with house(s)) near my home after a snowstorm. Later, in the spring, I mounted a print and carried it around in the car for over a week before I found anyone home at the residence of issue. When I did, the woman said (essentially), “You made a photograph of my house without my knowledge? It’s not even all my house. Some of the neighbor’s house is in it too.” I told her to keep it, destroy it, or whatever she wanted. It wouldn’t be in National Geographic or Time magazine, so frankly Scarlet….

ONTOH, the abandoned farmhouse in my gallery was first made without the knowledge or permission of the landowner. However, when I visited them, they welcomed me with much warmth and made me feel very appreciated. They now have a 16x20 print over their new mantle in a house they recently renovated. They are the Lyons family and they are probably one of the last family farmers in the east – very nice people.

I also photograph Amish in southern Md. This is somewhat sensitive, as they are very private. However, I have never been chastised for photographing their farms or equipment. I have yet to try their children, as I believe they would resist. I try to respect personal privacy as much as possible. Sometimes this doesn’t work either if someone is begging for a conflict.