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Some time ago I purchased a dozen old (circa 1940, I think) Kodak/Graflex 8x10 filmholders. I have examined the inner light-trapping felt and have decided to replace it if I can. The holders have some external wear but seem otherwise good. Any suggestions on where I might source the vartiety of felt material appropriate for this application? Any other thots from anyone on this project? Thanks much in advance!
I just replaced the light-trap strips on some old German 9x12 filmholders with the soft side of a velcro strip. Think I read about it on one of the forum threads, in fact. It worked great! I just bought the self-adhesive type of velcro ($1.79 a foot) and cut carefully. This was for a Rietzchel Clack camera that hasn't been used since WWII. I also replaced the light traps on the camera. The fit is a bit tighter, but no leaks yet...

http://photos-collection.com/html/folding_clack.html for a picture of a Rietzschel