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i am leaving for europe soon and would love some advise as to what formats to take and if i need to do anything for customs comming and going. i have a wisner 4 x 5 c330 canon 20 d i ahve a 90 mm 135 mm 210mm 300mm for the 4x5 65mm 135mm and 180mm for the c330 and 16-35mm 24- 70mm and 70 - 200 for the canon i will be on the sea cloud (a sailing ship) going down the coast of spain to lisbon . i am at a total loss what to take. is the c330 enough for film landscapes ect alnog with the canon or should i take the the wisner.
thanks for any help you can give.
You're going to be on a sailing ship - bobbing along with the ocean waves and wakes. Why take the 4x5 unless there are significant onshore stops? And those are likely to be port calls - not excursions into the countryside.

So I'd skip the 4x5 altogether.

Then, I'd take the entire 330 kit which will cover the range from landscape to close-in for film.

As to the 20D - I'd take the 70-200 (but might sneak the 24-70 into my wife's bag when she isn't looking )

I'd leave the digi-wide at home. Film is better for the landscapes and you'll have that covered with the 330.