I have a Devere 504 with a Cathomag colour head.

After consulting the Ilford multigrade IV leaflet (enclosed with the paper) in respect to colour head settings to achieve various grades, I found myself wondering which scale to use.

Firstly there is a general grouping as to the manufactuer of the enlarger. No problem here as DeVere is listed. Then there is a series of scales whether you want to use single or dual filters to attain the relevant grade. However both of the scales (single and dual) have values above the range of my colour adjustment.

My scales go to 170 on C,M and Y. These scales apply to other manufactuers in the ilford brochure.

So my questions are:
1. Does anyone use the same setup and if so what scale do you use
2. Which scale should I be using and
3. Is there a test that I can do to calibrate and not use the Ilford guidelines at all