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I was looking at several 2 bath formulas in Barry Thorton's website and I'd like to try one or 2 of those.
I wanted to start with divided D-23/DD-23 Found HERE (kodak's formula and modified)

My main concern is that I have phenidone at home, but not metol.

Can I replace phenidone for metol? If so what is the equivalent in weights from one to the other?
Yes you can, with some caveats about activity and interactions with other reducing agents in the formulation. By itself, phenidone is a very slow working developer. It is most often used in combination with other reducing agents; Hydroquinone and Pyrocatechol are examples, Ascorbic acid, Ascorbate and Isoascorbate are others.

One part phenidone is approximately equal to 8 - 10 parts Metol. Look at DIVIDED D-76 DEVELOPER - DD-76 - VARIATIONS VI-X in the reference you posted.