My equipment for MF is an old TLR Richomatic 225 bought off Ebay a few years back. Luckily, it came with a yellow (Y2) filter. I've been looking for other filters to try with this camera, but have been unlucky so far. Does anyone have any suggestions?

One idea I have is to see if filters for other similar TLR's might fit, as they seem to be more prevalent. The filter seems to have three flanges that you seat then twist to lock onto the lens. Does anyone have any idea if this might work?

Another idea I have is to buy a 72mm filter that will also fit my 28-200 zoom for my 35mm camera, then I could hold it in front of the lens. I only consider this because the person at the portrait studio where I recently had a quicky portrait taken did this with a soft focus lens. This sounds problematic to me since I'm guessing the larger filter would probably get scratched, not to mention the challenge and limitations of this method.

Yet another idea is to look for some Cokin filters and do the above mentioned hold it it front of the lense idea. This might also be nice for my 4x5 camera as well. Hmmm. Thanks for the help.