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I've never thought about using my Mamiya TLR for candid street photography, I'll have to give it a go. I presume you found a seat to sit on, placed the camera on your lap and waited?
Funny, one of the reasons I bought a C330 was for its suitability to candid photography. Well, to my mind anyway. I wander around with the C330 around my neck looking for photo opportunities. People are less self conscious with the Mamiya, largely do to the fact that I'm using the waist level finder and don't have to hold the camera up to my eye. That, and that 90% of people don't actually recognise it as a camera. My friend always complains that people just don't notice me with a dirty great big brick around my neck, but as soon as he lifts his AE-1 P to his eye the hold world notices.

I've not actually had the camera for a long time, Feb this year, and I'm only really starting to get used to it. However, I'm now pretty proficient at changing lenses or film whilst walking along.

By the way, whilst the 8x10 print was taken in Warsaw, the postcard was actually taken in Krakow.