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Glad to see you got it in the car!.

Yes I got it in the car, the 40 odd boxes of paper, a 20x16 easel,the 9 processing trays upto 20x16 and basically his whole darkroom. His face was priceless when I said that I had to get the wife and 2 kids in as well. Fortunately it all went quite smoothly.

Now I am trying to convince the better half how important it is to have a 'permanent' darkroom

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I came across the same problem with the filters. I just ignore the scales on this and other colour heads. I simply increase magenta to add contrast or yellow to decrease contrast. This does mean that the exposures will change with the contrast, but I tend to find that even with the ilford mg filters.

I also found the 504 prints flat, and on old negs that print fine on grade 2 I have to have the magenta up to around 60 to get a comparable print.

My 504 is now heavily adapted When the transformer and timer packed up I couldnt source another cheaply, so it is now rewired with a different light source
I printed some shots last night but was very disappointed with the contrast control and assumed I was reading the wrong scale.