I've done a forum search on this but haven't really found the answer I'm looking for, so hopefully you guys will indulge me. I've always been aware that my contact sheets are "better" than the subsequent enlargements, or else the enlargements took a lot of work to get close. I'm now at the stage of pondering a move from 4x5 (just too small, except for postcard prints) to 5x7 on the grounds that 5x7 with a border will give a reasonable size of finished print.

My concern/question is in respect of dodging or burning a neg in such circumstances, since it seems to me that this would prove to be more difficult than dodging/burning an enlargement where there is more scope for movement of hands etc in the light path between the neg and the paper. Are hands a realistic proposition in such circumstances, or would I be walking into very accurate masks and suchlike? I'm curious to know before making the switch and yes, I understand 8x10 might be better/easier, but no I don't have the money!

Thanks, Peter