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Jorge -

Good point. Although for me it is frustrating because it boggles my mind that anyone PAYING for "fine art" would be satisfied with poorly made crap. That we are now in a world where only the "content" counts and NEVER the craftmanship.

And even the content is a joke.

They recently awarded an MFA here to someone who had, allegedly, spent 3 years working on her thesis.

It was a joke. It looked like it was all shot in about 2 weeks, with maybe a couple of rolls being used. The work was sort of like Cindy Sherman Sans Any Idea Of What She Is Trying To Do. Just this person in a house they just bought. Honestly little more than snapshots.

And it was all very basic hotlight or "backyard at noon" lighting. Everything was at f8 or f11 (hey, why focus?), and it was simply large color prints that looked almost lurid.

And sadly, I am sure this woman will soon be VERY VERY rich....

Skilless, but rich.

I understand Robert, I also feel often times bewildered by some of the things that are called art. Of course there is also my favorite, what I call "elitist art" done by people like, Dr. Bob mentions, who have influence, or a friend in high places or rich parents. They create art that is an absolute crap that nobody understands, buys or would be caught dead with it in theri house but yet is hailed as the second comming of Christ by the art critics.

As Clay says, better to do your own thing, enjoy it......and of course there is always wedding photography if one wants to make some money...