Earlier I posted a question regarding flipping a negative in the enlarger, and I received some good responses. That was a technical thing. Here's the subjective reason for my need to flip the negative.

My subject is very alone in a hospital waiting room, full body, centered, looking to the right, and clearly apprehensive both in facial expression and body language. She occupies a little more than 1/3 of the rectangular frame, with equal space and waiting-room chairs on either side of her. As I looked at the 4X6 from the lab (prior to enlarging) I strongly felt that flipping the negative, and having her face to the left heightened the sense of anxiety. My plan is to face her left, and crop 1/2 the space on her right, throwing her off center, peering toward the unknown. The point, or rather the question: can it be that emotions like anxiety, dread, fear are better expressed by simply looking left rather than right . Or...is...it...just...me? (What would Alfred Hitchcock do?)