I think you are correct in your assumptions, but wonder if you shouldn't crop the LEFT side, making her crowd the left margin, creating tension in the viewer by having her uncomfortably close to the Left edge?

It is a common technique, but without seeing the subject matter, I cannot say if it would help or hurt the intent of the photo.

As Flyingcamera states, how we interpret weights and balances in compositions is largely determined by the direction our cultures read text on a page.

If your eye is accommodated and eased along the path of it's initial transit across the image, the viewer's experience tends to subliminally be more relaxed as they interpret the image, no matter the subject matter.

However, if your eye is abruptly halted, made to reverse or deflect and is constantly frustrated in smoothly scanning the image, it can set up a visual tension that can cause a subliminal tension or frustration, again, regardless of subject matter.

That is, of course, only a small portion of what defines the dynamic of a composition, but it is an important one.