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I paid my 2 years subscription in late june and I didn't receive anything yet.
I emailed them, called them... No response so far.

Any of you had the same issue ?


As others have suggested, a phone call or PM will probably get your question answered in short order.

Keep in mind View Camera is published bi-monthly. It usually ships to subscribers between the 1st and 10th of the month. How long it takes en route is a function of the US Postal Service and out of the control of View Camera. It doesn't go first class (I believe it's "Media Mail", which used to be called second class). So, the shipping times are longer, especially to get to the west coast (the publisher is located in New Mexico, but the magazine is printed back east and shipped to subscribers from the printer).

It sounds like you missed the June/July issue (which would have shipped prior to ordering your subscription) and will likely be receiving the Aug/Sep issue within the next week or so (assuming it shipped on schedule and the Postal Service gets it to you with reasonable dispatch).