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Oh, I'm sorry I'm European For you Americans the past is lies to the right

That's the way it was always told to me.
A possible proof lies in the fact that one of the companies I worked for adopted a new logo with a head facing left. It went broke within the year. :rolleyes:

On the other hand, expectations make up a lot in symbology.


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Argus- I meant it is not just a Euro conceit, it is a western cultural conceit. I don't know what the standard in Asian cultures or African cultures is.
As to American "conceit".

I have before me four different US coins and four different US currencies.



Penny (one cent to the dollar): Lincoln facing rightwards
Nickel (five cents to the dollar): Jefferson facing left
Dime (ten cents to the dollar): Franklin D. Roosevelt facing left
Quarter (twenty-five cents to the dollar): Washington facing left.


One Dollar Bill: Washington - glancing to the right
Five Dollar Bill: Lincoln - glancing to the right
Ten Dollar Bill: Alexander Hamilton - looking to the left
Twenty Dollar Bill: Andrew Jackson glancing to the right

Seems as if portrayers of American icon images are all over the place on cultural conceit.