Thanks Russ,

I won't enlarge past 3.5-4x (something like 8x16")... I just need sharp / detailed, grainless / tonally smooth and rich images. I plan to print the negatives using iron (pt/pd, cyanotype), iron-silver (argyrotype) or dichromate (carbon) based alternative processes - after enlarging of course -> but don't ask me how; it's an inappropiate subject for this site ...


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I suspect it all depends on what you photograph; I've had a Horseman 6x12 back for about eight years and use it primarily on a Canham for landscapes in the American West where I want to compress the perspective- and therefore use a 300 Nikkor-M almost exclusively.

More recently its been on a 4x5 Graflex Super D and used for portraits and more intimate landscapes with a seven or nine inch lens.

The format is wonderful and allows a huge enlargement if that is your wish.

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