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I just noticed that in my manual it mentions a "close up adapter" which would be nice to find as well. It sure would be nice to get closer than 3.5 feet once in awhile.
The close up adapters are oftern refered to as Rolleinars - or at least the Rollei ones are, which are the most common. In the Rollei series there are 3 of increasing strength. These turn up on ebay regularly - sometimes in sets (through remember you there are TWO lenses to make up each Rolleinar).

DenisP has one of these, and posted some stuff with it recently: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum51/7897-rolleiflex-rolleinar.html

You might also want to look out for tele and wide angle lenses. These are a bit rarer, but were made by Sun.

Stuff like this is usually listed as either Rollei or Yashica - it should work fine on the Ricoh.