I've been using Efke 25 quite a bit recently, but have got a bit fed up with it. As well as being fragile, difficult to handle, the 120 rolls being a bit on the short side and a bit leaky around the edges, I have also found that I'm getting staining on the negatives which look a bit like drying marks but seem to be in the negative and show up markedly on the print. I have fixed/washed for the usual time - does Efke require extra fixing/washing? Has anyone else experienced the stains (I develop in Rodinal)? Don't get me wrong - the results from unstained negs are great, but there seem to be too many drawbacks.

So I tried out Ilford Pan F+ and compared them (non-scientifically!). The prints look very similar and the grain (what little there is) looks the same at 9x9 under the finder, but the film handles well and develops easily.

Any comments on how similar these films are and the pro's/con's of each?