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The close up adapters are oftern refered to as Rolleinars - or at least the Rollei ones are, which are the most common.

DenisP has one of these, and posted some stuff with it recently: http://www.apug.org/forums/forum51/7897-rolleiflex-rolleinar.html

Yes, I've used a Rolleinar 1 (the "weakest" one) for the self-portrait posted. Although the portrait is not very flattering , I like the results obtained. Very sharp, and definitely usable. Perhaps not for portraits, but as I said, I like how some turned out.

I also have a Czech Flexaret V TLR, plus all the B&W filters and close-up lens for it, although I haven't tried the close-up lenses on that one. Also, Flexaret lens attachments do not have bayonet, but are of the simple slip-on variety.