Many moons ago, I wrestled with the Dichroic Head settings in my Omega D5500 trying to get them "right" for printing Ilford VC papers. The values given in the enclosed Ilford data sheets did not seem to be useful - at all.
The gelatin Ilford MG Filters worked - *very* well.

I decided to analyze the gelatin filters 0 - 5, using the ColorStar 3000 (that took some thought), and discovered that they were *not* pure yellow or pure magenta; each transmitted a combination of yellow and magenta.
I plotted contrast curves using this information. I can give you this information, but I don't think it will be of significant value; a LOT will depend on the particular system in your enlarger - the color temperature of your enlarging lamp ... etc.

I would try the gelatin filters - after that, it is a matter of analysis and/or trial and error.