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I did a search but did not find much mention on dry mounting RC prints. I have some prints that I want to dry mount but I have no experience with dry mounting (I'm trying to be more archivally aware with all my processes). I know that there is dry mount tissue for RC paper, but are there any bits of info that anyone can pass on that will keep me from ruining some very nice RC prints that I have.

Thans for any info.
RC prints can be overheated causing irreversible damage. It's recommended, when dry mounting these, to determine the optimum laminating temperature. This is done with wax crayons, or pellets, rated at specific temperatures (a go-no-go method) by finding the right wax that matches the target temperature (when the wax melts) for the material being laminated, then mark the press temperature setting. Always use the determined setting for future work with RC prints. You'll need to test for correct temperature only one time.

The wax strips were called temple sticks, I think, and should still be available, or something equivalent. I do remember these items were rather expensive for what they were - crayons.

Dry mounting with acid free materials poses no problems. It is reversable if done correctly.