My question is does gold toner add highlight density to prints.....

I have use this toner very little on its own (rather more with sepia). My observations so far have been that it adds considerable density to sepia toned images as well as turn them peachy or gold dependiong upon degree of both toners.

But, for straight untoned prints, I think I have observed an increase in density like with selenium, but unlike selenium hitting the dense areas first, it seems to give a little flattening (density gain) to then highlights. Is this right? I ask as I have some prints which have already been selenium toned and have great blacks etc, but could do with a tiny amount of extra density in the highlights. Before committing, do you think a spell in gold would help take the edge of these highlights (which are obviously not paper base white, but do have an amount of tone).

Currently the prints sing in an averagely lit room. However, under direct spot illumination (such as under display conditions) they are a fraction too bright in the highlights. It is miniscule, but annoyiing me!!!!!! I'm hoping gold is the solution, preventing a reprint of 20x16s!