Hmm...maybe I wasn't quite clear enough. It's more that the folks out there doing photography _are_ the digital guys while the traditional guys are MIA.

The few non-commercial digital guys I know locally were accomplished traditional photographers first...long before digital...and they've either completely moved to or have added digital. They retain their enthusiasm for photography...certainly not just equipment...but an enthusiasm for a strong continual immersion in many aspects of photography.

I contrast that to the one local "traditional" no-digital photographer I know who'd know what I was talking about if I said the word "pyro"; I haven't seen this person for a while but the last time I saw him he'd wandered away from photography after having been rather interested for a couple of decades. Again, he got past the equipment thing a long time ago.

I'm not out in the boonies here; I'm in central Florida, have been here quite a while and had a camera shop specializing in "upper level" equipment for 10 years so consequently I'm acquainted with quite a few local photographers.

I suppose what's set me off is that a couple of days ago I went to the local camera shop (there's only one that's not a mall chain) to buy some more LPD. There wasn't any and the response was "what's that?" "What's it for?" Geez, I bought my first can of LPD there 30 years ago!

Also I wanted a box of 11x14 Ilford WT paper. None. Going to get any? Probably not. But they now have a bigger selection of inkjet paper than the big supermarket has breakfast cereal.

Well...I'm just grousing. It's my old-fartiness starting to show.