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Nonethelss, it's my understanding that water bath allows the film to develop a small amount, which in some cases could improve acutance.
Right on the first proposition, but regarding the second one, you probably need more time (as is the case with stand development) for edge effect to appear.

Water bath after developer has never killed anyone, many people use it, and as many people use stop bath. Try it, it won't wreck your negatives, and if you can't see a difference from stop bath, then just do what you prefer.

I've done both, saw no difference, and stuck with stop bath just because I'm too lazy to fill and dump many times the tank with water. Plus, I use acidic fixer (more readily available here), so I might as well preserve its pH.

But, O my brother, don't start an argument over which one is better, for you will wreak havoc in the Universe!