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Hi All,

I've been using acide stop baths for my printing and developing. However, I've been considering using only water as my stop bath for film development. It's my understanding that the advantage that acid stop baths have is they completely arrest further development of the film. With water stop baths, however, there is some development (although greatly slowed) of the film. Nonethelss, it's my understanding that water bath allows the film to develop a small amount, which in some cases could improve acutance.

Would anyone care to post their thoughts or musing on the pros and cons of water stop baths? Thank you in advance.

Why not do both?

Start with water and let the film rest there for a couple of minutes. If there is any increase in acutance from enhanced edge effects with a water stop bath, two minutes should do it.

Next, pour the water out and pour in an acid stop bath. If it is true that the acid bath prolongs fixer life, you are covered.