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Could you reveal some more and tell us how you came across this book, why it is one of the few colour landscape books you have, and maybe more about what you see in it.
That's a fair question. Let's see if I can answer it! :o

I found it at a local gallery where I live, 20+ years ago, probably right about the time I first saw 'Local Hero,' one of my favorite movies of all time. The film had pretty much blown me away with the beauty of the Northern light (not 'lights' -- I'm talking about the quality of the sky light in the northern latitudes) and finding this book I think just underlined that for me.

It's harder to say what I like about it. Certainly, there are photos in it that I think are incredible, but I think more is that his vision fits my aesthetic. I also like some the underlying ideas of the book -- it is sort of a "road trip" book and it has a specific focus (i.e. the A1).

As for why I don't have very many color landscape books, I really can't say. I have a ton of black and white landscape books; in fact, that's probably most of what is in my collection. It's not a bias against color, per se -- I love color, even though I don't shoot all that much of it anymore. But perhaps, too, I should emphasize that my definition of a 'landscape' book was somewhat narrow. For example, I ruled out 'William Eggleston's Guide.'

Maybe the bottom line of it is that between this book and 'Local Hero', I decided I had to go make pictures in the British Isles. I made it to Ireland the first time (on my honeymoon, with my beautiful Irish lass, who would have been 56 yesterday) in 1993 and finally made it to Scotland in 2006. Odd thing is that, when I finally did get to Scotland, I shot more black and white than color. But I think having an accessible darkroom was a big influence on that.

Hope that helps!