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Joel Sternfeld - American Prospects - Inspires me every time I go out to take photographs. And all of the essays are phenomenal. The first book I found that eloquently said a lot of the things that I was struggling to say in my own work, and it came at the perfect time for me to totally embrace it. (already posted above)
Among my small number of color landscape books, I do have "American Prospects." I didn't list it for two reasons:

  • Other's had already listed it and I thought I should list some that other's hadn't.
  • I sometimes find Sternfeld's ironies just a bit too easy. (This is not to say I think it was easy for him to find and photograph them, I just think they are so visually obvious that I get bored.)

This is not to run that book down, it's just one I have some issues with.

Others I have that I could have listed include:

  • "Desert Cantos," Richard Misrach. I'm on the fence about this one.
  • "The Democratic Forest," Willam Eggleston. Occasionally, I think this is a brilliant book, on the par of "The Americans." Other times, I'm less sure.
  • "New Color," Harry Callahan. Callahan was brilliant, but I like his black and white work more.

I likely would have listed Stephen Shore, but I don't have any of his books. :-)

Alex Soth I'm just getting familiar with.