just remember this is for more than just large format photographers.

Thoughts on Vegas, after May it is really hot until about mid Oct. Given other places in the summer, If it is not terribly hot, it is humid.

Could I suggest before labor day weekend? It is still reasonable temps if it were to be in vegas. The huge summer crowds have not started. Some places have not put in their high traffic prices.

I think having people who are apuggers speak is a great idea.

Not everyone is going to fit into a time frame that it would be held. Not everyone is going to make it to the country it is held in. That is why we can at least move it venue wise from year to year. It could shift from one group of apuggers doing the conf. to another. Kinda like the olympics. that way no one has to get burnt out doing the work.

I would also like to see about setting up a fund where if a person has a few extra (insert your currency) dollars they wanted to donate, that a we could use to help those who are in finacial straights in other countries make it to the conf. Kinda like a scholarship fund. It could be done a lottery basis. This is just a thought.