Among my small number of color landscape books, I do have "American Prospects." I didn't list it for two reasons:
Other's had already listed it and I thought I should list some that other's hadn't.
I sometimes find Sternfeld's ironies just a bit too easy. (This is not to say I think it was easy for him to find and photograph them, I just think they are so visually obvious that I get bored.)
I would absolutely agree with this. If I can see a photograph and learn all that there is to learn from it within 2 minutes, then I don't really feel its worth my time, and thats exactly how some of his photographs strike me. However, when he's on, I can't really think of many people I enjoy more.

Its ironic that you bring up Stephen Shore when right after talking about some of Sternfeld's images being a little visually easy, because I feel the same way about Shore. At least in Uncommon Places. I feel in a lot of photos that its all form and very little content, and I have a bit of a problem with least from a man as smart as Shore. Not to say hes not a great photographer, American Surfaces is one of my favorite books...but yeah.