These were still being published when I joined the company in 1965, and I think that they were up to about volume 7 or 10. I have one of them here somewhere.

They also published several in-house textbooks. I have one called "Photographic Theory". There were also books on emulsion making and color product theory and design. The emulsion making book, as I remember it had over 50 pages alone on spectral sensitization and was written by Paul Gilman. He also taught that part of the course.

Every Kodak engineer had to take a very lengthy course in photographic theory and design which also included a brushup in chemistry and math along with color theory. I have quite a collection of textbooks for the courses.

I doubt if the in-house texts will ever be published.

The internal Kodak publications that I have are very lengthy and also copyright and so I cannot duplicate them here.