Try Efke 25 at asa 12. Use a 2 minute presoak in distilled water or tap water if it is filtered and clean. Use an "N" time with PMK and 1:2:100 dilution at 7 minutes (actually, add 30 seconds to this "N" time for presoak compensation, so you will have 7:30 total time). Do your first 30 seconds with continuous agitation. Next, do two inversions (rollfilm, not sheet film) every 15 seconds for the duration of development (about 5 seconds every 15 seconds). Water stop bath with agitation for one minute. Use an alkaline fixer (don't add hardener, no acid please).

Do not use the PMK afterbath. Wash in clean water for 10:00, hang and dry. Be careful with your handling of this film, it will scratch with careless technique.

Find a shot with plenty of contrast (I enjoy lots of chrome on motorcycles as a good test of contrast) and just meter off of your gray card. Try different lighting to get an idea of this film's abilities on a test roll and tell us what you think. Best luck. tim