The only time I would consider actually printing an 8x10 and giving it to the owner of a building or land that I photographed would be if I felt the negative/print was worthy of being given to them. so its really up to your own personal judgement.

in regards to taking pictures of private property. I live in Texas (one of the largest states and bigger than alot of countries) and about 98% of the land in texas is private property (last time I checked). so the concept of needing to ask permission is very real. Just be assertive. Im a very introverted person who like to keep to himself, but when I have my 4x5 over my shoulder I will openly and assertively knock on doors to ask permission to photograph old barns, silos, etc.
Just be assertive and I think you will be suprised how open alot of people are to it if you just tell them upfront that you are merely a hobbyist who is interested in photography on their land for your own personal enjoyment (and perhaps even theirs when they get a print)