Hi Neil,

I see what you mean - I took it the other way. Thanks for the clarification.

BTW, on my first assertion, I assumed Akki14 dried the coated paper thoroughly, to the point of being "bone dry". This is the usual procedure for many Cyanotype practitioners, because the speed and contrast of the emulsion is very sensitive to humidity changes. This, combined with the fact that it's hard to judge correct exposure from the printout (especially when it comes to delicate highlight tones) one will conclude that it's best to standardize / lock the parameters that way. (Using "bone dry" paper that is.)

Bone dry paper will not expand with heat, what causes the paper to expand is absorption of humidity from air, and heat from sun won't allow the paper to absorb enough humidity from the air to end up being expanded. Instead, humid paper will shrink when exposing under sun. (Bone dry paper won't change dimensions in those conditions.)


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Loris - the RC negative is on top of the coated paper....