Hi all,

I've started playing with contact printing my 4x5 negs for fun. My printing experience (was) extremely limited, but after some time I got good output and am pleased.

Except for one thing....

My bulb is a 15w bulb, in a desk lamp with a rounded cone (sort of a parabola shape), about 3' above the negative.

The printing paper suggests a 7.5w bulb at least 4' above the paper, but I couldn't find anything quite that week.

End result:
My exposure time on thin negs is about 1s, dense negs about 5s. I'd like to slow the process down, so that even the thin negs require several seconds of exposure, so that I could burn and dodge.

Any ideas on a cheap simple way to dim the light? I was thinking nuetral density filter - perhaps a tinted shield from a motorcycle helmet, cut to shape and taped in place on the lamp (since the exposure will be short).

Any better ideas before I spend money?