I understand your pain...

I too know many photographers that have gone digital. But to be fair in the explaination, they are all commercial photographer who, through pressure from either the client or the AD, are "forced" to shoot digital. The status of commercial photography where I live (Nuernberg, Germany) is such, that practically no one wants, or will accept a transparency any more. Digital is faster, and, thereby cheaper. Cheaper also because of the fact that the level of quality expectations has dramatically dropped in the past few years, with the introduction of DTP.

In order to make a living here in the field of analog photography, one must be very determined, have a thick skin, and most importantly, a built up bank account. Because finding opportunities in this day in age are becoming increasingly difficult.

My pro labs where I use to have my EPP developed (approx 4-5000 sheets of 5X7 a year) has also gone digital. Sure they still have an E-6 and C41 development, but the majority of their work is now coming from the digital scene. And only because I was such a good customer for so many years, am I still able to order my Ilford 8X10 film through them. Otherwise, I would be forced to do all my business mail order.

I too am just taking the time to vent a little. Working in a vaccum makes this difficult to do sometimes. Thank goodness for forums like this one.