I don't think we should say fiber prints only...I've made prints on kodak transtar tp5 that are a bit unique and that paper was only available in rc. I think we should keep things as open as possible regarding materials, printing experience, location. I hope we don't even put any kind of size limits...if someone wants to send 20x24 prints that's up to them and their pocket book and if someone makes jewel like 4x5s that they are proud of that should be fine too. One thing we could do to lessen international shipping costs is to allow loose prints. I will send matted prints cause that's how I want them to be seen but I wouldn't expect the same, it will only take some of the fun out of this to make too many rules.

I do think it would be helpful to mix up the groups if we have everyone rate themselves as beginner, intermediate, or experienced. This is not a competition, this is the opposite of that. So hopefully people won't be bashful and worried that others will judge them if they put that they are experienced. I've been printing in lith for about 12 years now so I'm not afraid to say I'm experienced at this. If you've been doing this for a long time please say so. It will make this more fun to me if we get a good mixture of levels in each individual group.