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Well there is always Calgary. Your US green backs go a lot further up here than at home, spectacular Rocky Mountains, world famous Lake Louise and the Drumheller badlands. Anything you would want to photograph with the exception of ocean is within 1.5 hours drive.

Great airport, good hotels and Ken Miller, Ian Greant, Jim Phillips (aka GreyWolf) the Calgary Large Format Users Group and myself just might take you to some of our favorite haunts.

Just ask Les McLean, he loved it here.

I also have access to a large commercial darkroom set up for both color and b&w. Just in case you wanted to process and print your stuff while here.

Besides photography, tours is what I do for a living, so organizing it would be a snap.

Calgary would get my vote! Been there long time ago, and it was wonderful. Eric is right about all the things being in the right spot, plus the value for your money is the best.

What say we start putting a committee together to work out all the things about it. I suggest Lee, mrcallow, Eric and anyone who would also like to help on the planning of this form a committee.

As to world wide conventions/conferences/tournaments, been there done that too. I JUST DO NOT WISH FOR IT ALL TO BE MY RSPOSIBILITY ALONE!