Mr. Gainer was kind enough to send me this:

100 ml triethanolamine (TEA)
9 g ascorbic or erythorbic acid (AKA isoascorbic acid)
0.2 g phenidone
Heat to 200 F til dissolved. TEA will darken.
dilute 1+50 with water and develop HP5+ 8 or 9 minutes at 70 F. I do not have complete development charts.

For heating use a Pyrex container and put in oven at 200 F. This solution is awful looking but is quite resistant to aerial oxidation until water is added.

You can also use propylene glycol in place of TEA for a split stock. Then you would use 1 part glycol stock + 1 part TEA + 50 parts water. You can also substitute the B solution of PMK for TEA in the split stock method.