All I did was say I personally would vote for Calgary. that doesn't mean that is where it would be held. From personal experience with polls and such, the more you have of them the more you get conflicting info. It becomes more of a headache and nothing is ever solved. As for the committee, that is where it would be decided. As for place and time of year yes do polls, just be warned anything that had been decided on in a pervious poll will likely be turned around in the next poll. This is not to say that apuggers are children, but think of who had to make the final diecision in a large family? All the kids would have different ideas and all valid given certain viewpoints. It became the job of the parents to sift through it all and decide. So Committee first? Give options and ideas and then pools to see what of the options would work. BESIDES John I want to see you do that internet feed thingy you talked about. You can be the resident internet geek. Want the job?