As some may know, I was going to be building a darkroom in an old coal room in my basement. The down side it is very small 7x9. The up side is that I have 8 ceilings.

A fellow photographer and her husband, who are close friends and travel companions, have offered their basement. I have attached the preliminary plans for the darkroom and would appreciate any feedback.

The drawings are to scale and are also available as a coreldraw, eps or freehand file if anyone wishes to edit them directly.

Some notes on the drawings:
  1. The darkroom will sit against the west, north and south walls of the basement.
  2. The sinks are large enough to handle 30x40 prints.
  3. The enlarger (durst L1200) will need to be oriented north/south because the top will be situated between floor joices.
  4. The ceilings and walls will be all dry walled (sheetrock) the walls will have aluminum studs.
  5. Ventilation will be placed over the sinks and a hood over the RA4 processor. Recommendations on ventilation are enthusiastically requested.