Zeiss does not use asph elements in their ZM lenses to my knowledge and the performance is exceptional. maybe Leica has had a penny drop, realising that there are ways to produce great lenses at a much lower price using regular elements and non Leica Elf staff for certain components? I also suspect that they will be very good performers as the Leica brand demands that. Many people dont need fast apertures so why pay a grand more for a stop or 2/3 stop you dont use? Unless you are shooting people, fast apertures tend to be somewhat less useful due to loss of DOF. If I was wanting lenses to shoot street etc I would not dream of forking out for super fast lenses and in fact did not, hence the ZM lenses and one fast 50mm. All others are f2 or slower and it suits me. Leica is sensibly tapping into this.

As Roger says, these FLs are bog standard 35mm FLs.