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Vivitar makes a couple of SLR's which use the K-mount. Seem to be decent basic mechanical SLR's, with TTL meter, much like the classic Minolta SRT's. These are listed on the Freestyle and Calumet websites around $150! The Zeiss lenses might be great additions to this camera. I haven't looked at one of these Vivitars in person, but maybe I will. I couldn't find anything on them on Vivitars US website but they are listed on the UK website. Go figure.
I've got a Vivitar V3800N. I'm not sure if that's the model you're thinking of, but it fits your basic description. It seems like a decent basic camera to me -- but my experience is with fairly inexpensive gear to begin with (there are no Nikon cameras or Zeiss lenses in my collection). It's manual-everything and seems solidly constructed, by modern standards (in other words, it's not built like a tank the way cameras were built a few decades ago). My hunch is that most people who buy $150 Vivitar SLRs would balk at the price tags on the Zeiss lenses described in this thread. Certainly they're outside of my own price range. (I keep reading this thread and hoping I'll win the lottery -- but that's especially unlikely since I don't buy lottery tickets! )