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Hi All,

My name's Hugh and I live in Dublin. Really happy to have found this forum (saw the poster in the Gallery Of Photography today ... first time in the darkroom in about a year). I've been doing b&W, mostly medium format, photography for a few years now on and off. Started by doing an Introduction To Photography course with all intentions of buying a fancy digital camera, was a bit upset to find out the course was all about this weird darkroom carry-on, but was then hooked within about a week.

I have a bunch of MF cameras now but have recently come to the conclusion that the Bronica RF645 I have is one of only two possessions I would save from my house if it was burning down. It's the greatest thing ever.

I like to shoot street scenes, rusty old ships and buildings, mostly details. I really like travel photography and most of my pics are from trips abroad. Not doing as much of that these days so I suppose I'll have to find more things in Dublin/Ireland to shoot ...

Anyway, glad I found this place .....
Hi Hugh,

Welcome to the Irish corner of APUG, I'm sure you'll enjoy it here. As Fintan has said we have had a few outings already and it's a great way of exploring our own country. It's a while since we had an outing so watch this space.