Quite some time ago, at the time we met with Ron Mowrey, and we had a very good meeting (for which we paid him at a fairly high rate, considering our means, though maybe not by some consulting standards), he said that his formula was not adequate to make a big production run. I do not know if the formula in this thread is the same one that he was working with when we met him. But, bless him, he did tell us where we might find a formula for a whole run of paper. And find it we did.

We are pleased that he is now willing to generously share his formula with others--for free!

We have seen results on paper coated with Ron's formula. We saw one beautiful print. Truly beautiful. Exquisite. So his formula definitely works. But when we were told by the person who made the print that he had to coat about 10 sheets of paper to get a perfect coating--and there was no guarantee that on that piece of paper the exposure and amount of dodging and burning would be perfect, we realized that making your own silver chloride emulsion was for those who truly enjoyed, and got their deepest pleasure from, working in the darkroom and who only made a few prints a year. It clearly was not for those whose primary concern is making photographs--lots of photographs, as Paula and I do.