I think that some points need to be commented on or clarified.

Michael did indeed consult with me and pay me for making a run of my emulsion and a set of prints for him. I did indeed tell him that the reciprocity failure, latent image keeping and raw stock keeping were untested with my emulsion at that time, and would need to be tested. That was about 2 years ago in the early stages of my work. I have now run those tests.

I have not posted my formula in this thread. My formula is quite a bit simpler and quite different as noted earlier.

The fact is that I am getting about 95% yield on my coatings, and the speed does vary with small batches, but this has no relationship to what could be done with the proper plant facilities. With a good coating machine and the proper scaling, my formula could be coated quite as easily as any other production emulsion formula.

The advice I gave them was that there were several places that could make what they wanted, better than I could alone. I named facilities that might help them as far as I knew them. I warned them that a small machine run would not necessarily make possible a large scale run and that duplicating Azo paper would not be an easy task. It took me a year to get to the point I showed them nearly 2 years ago.

I think that the scaling problem is being seen right now in the results that Michael has described of his sample coatings. It is similar to the growing pains that I have had over the 3 years making this emulsion in several locations.

If you wish more information from an outside review, you might wish to re-read Alex Hawleys comments here in this forum.